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Living History: Our Lives in Lockdown

We don't just collect historic documents, we collect records of our current lives and times. 

Will you help us create a new collection for our archive? 

The Trafford Local Studies Centre is creating a new archive collection, one which aims to record the experiences of Trafford community members throughout the coronavirus pandemic. 

We welcome your submissions! From diaries and journal entries to photographs, video clips or drawings, we welcome records that were created or collected by you during these unprecedented times. 

Unsure of where to begin? Here are some ideas to get you started:

Write in a journal.

Document your day, or weekly activities. Record who you interact with, how you feel, or what has changed. 

Keep a diary.

Even a simple daily diary which includes shopping lists, documents events, and other activities will be valuable in an archive collection. 

Assemble a scrapbook or a collage.

Has your neighbour from across the street dropped a note through your letterbox, offering to bake you brownies? Have you been collecting newspaper clippings, drawing a bit more lately, or crafting with your children? These snapshots of your life are important, so collect them in a scrapbook or add them to a collage. 

Create a digital photo journal, or video diaries. 

Are you fascinated by the news?

We also encourage members of the Trafford community to collect items relating to fake news - whether it is online, through social media, or in print. 

How to submit your records:

While our offices in Sale Waterside House are currently closed, you are welcome to contribute your records via this website, by visiting the Contribute page. 

Alternatively, you may email us directly, by visiting the Contact us page. 

We look forward to welcoming you back to the Centre when the facilities reopen.