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The First World War in Trafford - Research Database

Follow this link to download the First World War database as an Excel spreadsheet. 

At the start of 2013, Trafford Local Studies recruited a team of volunteers to research the First World War and its impact on the Trafford area. During the next five years, the volunteers completed literally thousands of handwritten research slips, making a note of everything that they found in local newspapers and archival material.

It soon emerged that there was a significant amount of material relating to Chapel Street in Altrincham, which was known as ‘the bravest little street in England’ for the large number of men it sent to fight. This research grew into a book of the same name, written and researched by staff and volunteers at Trafford Local Studies.

In order to make a searchable database of all the First World War research, volunteers began transcribing the research slips onto a spreadsheet. In 2019, students volunteering as part of their Duke of Edinburgh award also began transcribing and even continued to do so from home during the lockdown.

There are three different tabs covering: People; Subjects; Chapel Street. These are arranged alphabetically. You can also use the CTRL+F function to search the spreadsheet.

A humungous thank you to all of our volunteers for the huge amount of work they have put into creating this fantastic resource!