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Manchester United_1.jpg
Manchester United Ladies celebrating in 1980s

1988 FC Redstar squad.jpeg
Detail of FC Redstar lineup, from match programme between FC Redstar and Lady Blues (1988). 

1988-89 FC Redstar.jpeg
Photograph of the FC Redstar team during the 1988-89 season.

19700624 Corinthians v Nomads Stretford Pageant medal awarded to Jan Lyons 2.jpg
Medal given to Jan Lyons of the Corinthians Ladies Football Club, after competing in the Stretford Pageant's Charity Football Match on Wednesday, 24 June 1970. Photographs depict obverse (front) and reverse (back) of medal, with inscription.

Stretford Pageant Programme.jpeg
Charity Football Match programme, dated Wednesday, 24 June 1970. Match held between the Corinthian and Nomad Ladies Football Clubs at Stretford Stadium in Longford Park.
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