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Wartime poster showing Stella Isaacs, Lady Reading, founder of the Women's Voluntary Service

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Fundraising leaflet distributed to residents of the town of Sale, for the 1944 national savings campaign. That year, the campaign theme was 'Salute the Soldier'.

SAL. the Soldier_page 4.jpg
Fundraising meter used by [one of] Sale's national savings groups. The 'Salute the Soldier' theme was promoted by the War Office and National Savings Committee in 1944.

Image 9 - Reynolds.jpg

Photograph of the 'Wings for Victory' and 'Salute the Soldier' fundraising plaques, presented by the Air Ministry and awarded to the town of Stretford.
In 1943, their target was to raise £480,000. Stretford raised £500,518, which represented the…
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