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The Sale Coat of Arms were granted on 23 September 1920. The wheatsheaves are from the arms of the Cheshire County Council and the lozenges are from the arms of the Massey family of Sale. The Moorcock refers to the district of Sale Moor. The unicorn…


The Urmston Coat of Arms were officially granted on 10 June 1942. The chevron and martlets are from the heraldry of the local families of Asshawe and Hyde, and the griffin is from the arms of the de Traffords. The oak tree symbolises the preservation…




Moorfield House, Urmston. seen here in the 1930s, was originally built as a private residence during the latter half of the 19th century. It was a large Victorian mansion and gardens situated on Crofts Bank Road in Urmston. On the death of the owner…


AHC 990.jpg
Photographic portrait of the first mayor of the metropolitan borough of Trafford, 1974-1975.

2024 Q1 Book Sale List.pdf
List of books available to buy from Trafford Local Studies, Sale.
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