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Cross Street in Lockdown.jpg
Another view of Cross Street in Sale deserted. Also taken on the morning of Sunday 29th March, this is a view of the road that heads towards Altrincham.

No sitting.jpg
The bench outside of Sainsburys in Sale taped up to prevent anyone sitting on it.

Manchester's Second Lockdown.jpg
A public safety announcement telling people that Sale is a high-risk area, following the announcement on Thursday 30th July 2020 that Greater Manchester has been placed in a local lockdown.

Natwest in Lockdown.jpg
The Natwest Bank on School Road, Sale, covered in notices explaining that the building is not currently open due to the lockdown and coronavirus.

A run on booze.jpg
After the pubs were ordered to close but before the lockdown was in place, the shelves at Sainsburys in Sale were almost cleared of alcohol by customers.
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