Records of Barbara Del Panno - diaries

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Records of Barbara Del Panno - diaries


As students of Samuel Pepys will tell you, a dedicated diary-keeper is a valuable thing. Barbara's pocket diaries start in 1926 and continue all the way until 1990. No date was neglected as she faithfully filled the pages with reports of her days.

Picking a page at random from 1958's diary, we have:

Sunday 16 February: Mrs Evans came about 4.15pm and helped me to get mum downstairs for tea. She came and stayed with mum at night while I went to church. Mum didn't dress put her dressing gown on. Mum fell in bathroom. I helped to get her up when I got in from church.

Monday 17 February: I got mum down for tea. Cyril came 6.30pm. Mum went to bed about 6.30pm. Cyril just came as I had got her upstairs, he had been to the dentist.

Tuesday 18 February: Got mum downstairs for dinner and tea. Cyril came from work pm. Doctor came about 5.45pm. Surprised to see mum downstairs. Mum went to bed 6.45pm.

Wednesday 19 February: Mum got up in dress. gown for tea. Went back to bed 6.30pm. Cyril didn't come. M/C U won (3-0) Sheffield Wednesday. New team for M/C United.

Thursday 20 February: Mum dressed (1st time) for dinner and tea downstairs. Got up about 11:45 AM. Annie came in the aft (I was out). Mrs Evans in with mum. Cyril came from work. Rang Mrs Robinson 7pm. Mum went back to bed about 6pm.

Friday 21 February: Very Cold. Got mum dressed and down for dinner and tea. She went to bed about 6.15pm. Cyril didn't come.

Saturday 22 February: Rained aft. and even. Cyril didn't come. I waited until about 4pm then went down to [?Wildgooses] for groceries. Mum up for dinner and tea. Went back to bed about 7pm.


Trafford Local Studies Centre Collection. Archive reference TRA1676.




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