Robert Bolt (1924–1995)

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Robert Bolt (1924–1995)


English screenwriter, playwright, and two-time Oscar winner Robert Bolt was born in Sale on 15 August 1924. After working for an insurance company and serving for the army and Royal Air Force in World War II, Bolt worked as a schoolteacher until 1958, when the success of his play Flowering Cherry (London, 1957) garnered enough success to allow him to pursue writing full-time. Bolt is most well-known for his play, A Man for All Seasons (London, 1960, and New York, 1961), which won the New York Drama Critics Award in 1962, and was made into an Academy Award-winning film in 1966. Bolt won an Oscar for the screenplay. Bolt’s second Oscar was earned for his screenplay of the film Dr. Zhivago, in 1965. Other notable works include Lawrence of Arabia (1962), Ryan’s Daughter (1970), Lady Caroline Lamb (1972), The Bounty (1982), and The Mission (1984).

A blue plaque celebrating his life and achievements has been erected on Northenden Road, in Sale (June 2000).


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