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Bow Lane, Altrincham. Photograph reproduced by photographer Mr D. Rendell in Nov/Dec 1983. Photograph contains: Thatched cottage which stood on the corner of Bow Lane; child standing with white dog.

Regent Road, Altrincham. Photograph taken opposite George Street containing: W. Morrell fish & game dealer; Geoffrey F. Earl ophthalmic & dispensing optician.

Altrincham Station, Stamford New Road. Photograph contains view of the station with horse & cart cabs waiting outside and clock tower in the background.

Regent Road, Altrincham. Photograph contains: J. Bowland decorative house painter, papermaker, dealer in paper hangings, ready mixed paints, oils, colours & varnishes; figure in photograph is Mr Jacob Bowland.

St Margaret's Road and Church, Bowdon. Postcard posted in Altrincham, September 15th at 5.15pm to Miss Crossley, Regent Road, Altrincham. Printed message " G.H Worthington & Son, Stamford New Road, Altrincham, beg to announce that they are prepared…

Regent Road, Altrincham. Photograph contains: Billington shop.

Relates to Altrincham Borough Council, New Street Compulsory Purchase Order


Railway Street showing John Hewson Needham butcher shop at 34 Railway Street. The premises at number 32 were actually occupied in 1899 by Benjamin Battman as a florist, grandfather to Cyril and his son, Nurseryman in Timperley is spite of the Frys…

Railway Street, Altrincham. Photograph contains: Faulkner, Grocer, Provision Ale Porter Dealer; Hotel.
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