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Barbara held on to hundreds of letters, stretching from 1929 through to 1991. There are several from friends and many from her brother Cyril, who was a lifelong correspondent.

There are dozens of letters from Cyril during his time serving with…

As students of Samuel Pepys will tell you, a dedicated diary-keeper is a valuable thing. Barbara's pocket diaries start in 1926 and continue all the way until 1990. No date was neglected as she faithfully filled the pages with reports of her days.…

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Barbara's father Giovanni Del Panno was born in 1881 in Piacenza in northern Italy. This passport was issued by the Italian consulate in Liverpool and allowed him to travel to Italy and to return to England for one year.

Barbara was evidently very fond of her dogs and entered them into a number of shows. There are many photographs of a Scottish Terrier named Glen. Later in her life she made many donations to animal charities.

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Barbara's collection of photographs offers a moving and personal picture of one family over many years.

Culinary delights in this hand written recipe book include marmalade pudding, caramel rice and oatmeal buns. The book may have been compiled by Barbara's mother rather than herself as 'M.C. Del Panno' is faintly written on the front page.
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