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The Essoldo, Stretford

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The eye-catching Essoldo Cinema has been a prominent figure of the Stretford landscape since the 1930s. Let's take a look at its many identities over the last eighty-four years.

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Morris Dancing in Stretford Before the First World War

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This article explores the history of morris dancing in Stretford and its social context. Morris dancing, associated until the mid-nineteenth century with the rush-bearing at Stretford Wakes, was revived in 1910 after the establishment of an annual Rose Queen Festival, centred on the Gorse Hill district, which was to become the annual Stretford Pageant. As well as the Gorse Hill Morris Dancers there were other troupes formed in Stretford and Trafford Park.

Research into programmes from the Rose Queen Festival and newspaper reports has provided insight into the strong relationship between the Rose Queen event and the Morris dancers, the social background of the dancers and their history of dancing with the troupe. Examination of the close community from which the Gorse Hill dancers came, and of the large scale participation of that community in the annual Rose Queen Festival, has demonstrated why pride in taking part in the morris was created.

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