The Old Market Place, Altrincham

The Old Market Place, Altrincham, c.1920. Trafford Local Studies Collection, cat. ref. TP5620.

In 1984, Trafford Library Services launched the Tell Me a Story competition, inviting readers to write about their experiences of life in Altrincham and the surrounding districts in the early and middle parts of the twentieth century. A number of these accounts are held in the Local Studies’ archives. Contributors to the competition came from a cross-section of socio-economic backgrounds – some from the comfortable middle class, others from very poor families.

The following are the combined reminiscences of Peggy Sumner, C.B. Naylor, Irene Rogerson, Doris Jones, G. Harrop and Harold Dickens.

(Where prices are quoted, s and d refer to pre-decimalisation shillings and pence.)

The writers’ detailed recollections give us a great picture of early twentieth century Altrincham. Have you considered recording your memories of the local area?