Introduction to the project

A selection of photographs from the Trafford Photographic Collection

Trafford Local Studies holds a fantastic collection of photographs, documenting the history of people and places in the Trafford area. Starting in 2021, staff have been working hard to catalogue and digitise the uncatalogued photographs in the collection, to preserve them and to make them accessible to a wider audience. Each image is scanned using a high resolution scanner and the digital copy is then securely stored, effectively making a back up of the original. A detailed description of the item is then created and added to our archive catalogue, to make the photograph findable for researchers. 

Full listings and digital copies of many of the photographs can be found on our online catalogue at:

(Search tip: put TL* or TP* in the reference code box to bring up the photographic collection.)

The process is slow but rewarding, as we discover wonderful images that give us a glimpse into the rich and varied history of the Trafford borough. Each month we’ll show you a selection of our favourites.

A member of staff in Trafford Local Studies, digitising photographs
Introduction to the project