'All in it Together': Commemorating 75 years since the End of the Second World War

VE Day.jpg

VE Day, London (1945). From left: Tom Breckill, his aunt Martha, unknown friend. (Collection of Ruth Breckill)


On 8 May 1945, people of all ages came together to celebrate VE (Victory in Europe) Day, and the end of the conflict with Hitler’s Germany. They danced in the street, waved flags, and hung bunting. They remembered loved ones, and those who had yet to return home. Their celebrations continued well into the evening, under the glow of fireworks and fairy lights.

Three months later came the end to the conflict in the Pacific. On 14 August 1945, Imperial Japan surrendered to the Allied forces. VJ (Victory in Japan) Day was to be held the following day. Once again, residents flocked to the town hall to celebrate— this time to the official end of the Second World War.

75 years later, we remember the war and commemorate its end with this exhibit, featuring photographs, images and other materials from the Trafford Local Studies Centre’s Art, Archive and Heritage Collections.

Organised into a series of short commentaries and essays, we retrace life during the war; looking back at the ways that residents of Trafford came together, to support each other as well as the national war effort. We also look back at the celebrations which took place in May and August 1945, marking the end of the war.


Whilst unforeseen circumstances have caused cancellations to this year’s VE Day events, at 3 pm, on Friday, 8 May 2020, we invite you to join us in the National Toast:

‘To those who gave so much, we thank you.’

'All in it Together': Commemorating 75 years since the End of the Second World War