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The collection consists of a selection of the artefacts that were previously owned by the councils of Altrincham, Sale, Stretford and Urmston and, since 1974, Trafford Council. The majority of the collection is made up of items that were donated or bequeathed to the councils and the former art galleries and museums.


Trafford Local Studies Collection, cat. ref. TRA/5/7


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Collection Items

Embossing Stamp for Altrincham Borough Council
The stamp was manufactured by Shaw & Sons Ltd, London. It would have been used by council workers to emboss the words ‘ALTRINCHAM CORPORATION’ onto papers, marking them as official council documents.

Commemorative Plate of the Pyramid Cinema, Sale
The Pyramid Cinema on Washway Road in Sale opened its doors in February 1934. It was designed by architects Drury and Gomersall in an Egyptian style which was then mirrored in the cinema’s Christie organ. The first resident organist was Reginald…

Linotype Commemorative Mug
The Linotype machine had revolutionised the way that newspapers printed, creating a ‘line-o-type’ by moulding hot metal. The Linotype Company opened its factory to produce the machines at the end of the nineteenth century, when the Broadheath…

Cosmos Lamps Playing Cards from Metropolitan Vickers
Metropolitan-Vickers Electrical Co. Ltd or ‘Metrovicks’ was an electrical engineering company situated in Trafford Park. The business started life as British Westinghouse in 1899 but took on the name Metropolitan-Vickers in 1919 after some changes in…

Victorian Dolls
These dolls are thought to date from the 1880s. Before the Victorian period, brown was the most popular eye colour for dolls but this changed to blue, inspired by the colour of the Queen’s eyes.

Match Box
This match box dates from around 1830 and was donated with paper matches inside. Note the phoenix design on the front with the lettering 'M.B Co'. On the back of the box there is a rough rectangle for striking the matches on and the lettering ‘A.S…

Skirt Lifters
Skirt lifters were used by Victorian ladies to stop their skirts from dragging in the dirt, or to allow for extra movement during physical activities, such as cycling or tennis. Although they were already in existence, skirt lifters became…

Sugar Nippers
Before sugar cubes and granulated sugar were introduced at the end of the nineteenth century, sugar was bought as a cone or ‘sugarloaf’. Sugar nippers were used to break pieces off the cone.

Goffering Iron
A goffering iron, often known as an Italian or Tally iron, was used for frilled cuffs and ruffles. The tube was heated by inserting a hot metal poker-like rod. The frilled cuffs and collars would then be curled around the cylinder, smoothing them…

Stretford Memorial Hospital Collecting Box
Stretford Memorial Hospital was opened on 28 October 1914, with twenty beds, by the Old Trafford Divisional Committee of the Red Cross Hospital Society, as an auxiliary hospital to the Second Western General. It was enlarged from time to time as the…
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